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Memorial Healthcare


At Memorial Healthcare we understand the power of compassion and are committed to being there for your family. That’s why we have a location right around the corner, with excellent providers you can trust, people who know you as neighbors because this is more than us helping patients, this is family. We are always there when it counts. Memorial Healthcare, commitment and compassion for life.

Memorial Healthcare is a 150-bed facility with a medical staff of over 170, and over 1,100 employees. We are a not-for-profit hospital governed by an independent Board of Trustees. We are the only hospital in Shiawassee County, serving a population of approximately 88,000. We proudly celebrated our 96th Anniversary in May.

With 26 satellite offices located throughout Shiawassee County, Memorial Healthcare continues to reach out to our patients in order to provide the very best in health care services. Memorial serves residents from throughout Shiawassee County and several surrounding counties including Saginaw, Clinton, Ingham, and Genesee.

Each year we care for over 30,000 emergency patients, provide over 200,000 outpatient service visits and deliver hospital-based medical services to over 3,500 inpatients. Memorial Healthcare physicians and staff work together with people in the community to create new and expanded services.

Memorial Healthcare is accredited through the Joint Commission.

Company profile type: 
Company size: 
1000+ employees
Healthcare Services
Wanted occupational fields: 
Physician, Nurse Practitioner - Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner
Wanted field of studies: 
Primary Care/Family Practice, Rheumatology, Urgent Care


When will the health benefits be effective?
1st of the month following 30 days of employment.

Ex: Your hire date is July 9th, your benefit effective date is September 1st.
Do I have to apply online or can I send in a paper copy of my CV?
We will accept an electronic CV or a paper copy as well.
What can I expect during the initial credentialing application process?
We have a 3 month credentialing process which consists of a standard paper application, which then is forwarded onto our Credentialing Committee and then lastly onto our Board members to be approved.

Memorial Healthcare prides ourselves on high quality care, productivity and patient safety and satisfaction. These are key elements in the workday for our providers, and we strive to select providers who can meet these components at a high level.


Emily Nosakowski 
Provider Recruitment Coordinator

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Company Benefits: 

Dental Insurance
Health Club Reimbursement
Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Paid Sick Leave
Paid Vacation
Retirement Plans
Tuition Reimbursement