My Left Foot Children's Therapy

My Left Foot Children's Therapy


My Left Foot Children’s Therapy was founded in 2004 by an occupational therapist, and mother of two, devoted to helping not only her children, but all children, lead happy and fulfilling lives. Eighteen years ago, back in 2004, the services for children with disabilities living in the Las Vegas Valley were scarce. It often took many months, sometimes over a year, for a child to receive an evaluation for therapeutic services, and then it again took months, if not years, before any consistent therapy could actually be initiated by a licensed, board certified therapist. This was due to both a lack of pediatric therapy clinics in the Las Vegas area, as well as a lack of pediatric therapists in the entire state of Nevada. Even sadder than the almost incomprehensible length of time it took many children to start receiving much-needed therapy, was the fact that the quality of therapy that was eventually received was then often times quite poor; therapy was often only provided monthly, and was often provided by an adult therapist with little to no experience working with children, who had no understanding of how providing therapy to children is different than providing therapy to adults, and who often had no desire to work with children at all. The children receiving these sub-par services, therefore, were not able to reach their full potentials. They were not being given a fair opportunity to achieve the outcomes they were capable of. They were not being given the opportunity to lead more fulfilling and independent lives.


The founder of My Left Foot Children’s Therapy realized that the only way she could make a significant difference was to open her own clinic and take care of the children in her community the right way, the way that she would want her children to be cared for. In 2004, My Left Foot Children’s Therapy opened its doors with just one small treatment room (about 150 square feet of space) and only one therapist (our founder). Because of her unrelenting commitment to her patients’ care and progress above all else, because of her steadfast mission to only hire exceptional therapists who love working with children, and because of her commitment to providing our therapists with the tools, support, structure, and positive work environment they deserve, My Left Foot Children’s Therapy immediately started flourishing and growing very dynamically. Today, thanks to our dedicated core staff of senior therapists and administrative managers, who are intent on fulfilling our founder’s original mission, My Left Children’s Therapy continues to flourish and grow with no end in sight. Only 18 years after opening our doors with just one treatment room and one therapist, My Left Foot Children’s Therapy is today comprised of 7 impressive clinics located throughout 3 cities in the Las Vegas Valley, and over 75+ full-time therapists!


Together, with the support of our community; the exemplary skills of our passionate staff of occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, and physical therapists; the hard work of our 75+ administrative staff members; and the dedication of our patients’ parents, we have changed the lives of thousands of children in Nevada.


It is our mission to continue to hire the most knowledgeable, nurturing, and fun-loving pediatric therapists 100% dedicated to helping children reach their full potentials, it is our mission to continue to open new clinics to service every neighborhood in the Las Vegas Valley, with the goal of no family living more than 10 minutes from a My Left Foot Children’s Therapy clinic, and it is our mission to continue to reach-out-to and support every family in the Las Vegas Valley who has a child in need our services. We will continue on this path of growth until we can help every child in the Las Vegas Valley in need of compassionate, effective, life-changing therapy.


Join us. Be a part of this great endeavor.

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Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist
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