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Other Bulk Posting Packages

- 3 30 Day Job Pack = $695
- 5 30 Day Job Pack = $910
- 10 30 Day Job Pack = $1560

*You can also add job enhancements like bold, highlighting, and priority upgrades.

    Ongoing needs? Try one of our Memberships

Clients with more than a couple of openings or ongoing needs save a significant amount of money when they choose a membership level account. These can be done with short or long term service plans. Either way, if you have have more than 2 job openings at one time, you can reduce your cost compared to individual posting packages.

Membership accounts start at 5 job slots and give you full resume database access along with a company profile page. "Job Slots" give you the ability to update, refresh, exchange, and add jobs in your account as often as you need. It provides maximum flexibility to post the jobs that are most crucial at any one time.
Speak to a sales representative at 888-861-5627 to find out more about membership accounts.


Membership Accounts:

- Flexibility
- Use of Job Slots
- Full Resume Database access
- Company Profile page
- Monthly billing available
- Packages start at $400/mo

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