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Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Job Description

At Cornerstones Autism Services, we provide quality in home applied behavior analysis therapy. You can check us out at cornerstonesil. com. We are looking for energetic and engaging Board Certified Behavior Analysts who have scheduling freedom and an interest in adding work to their caseload with an opportunity for a full case load should they so choose.


  • Must have a current license as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.
  • Must have familiarity with assessment tools like VBMAPP, ABLLS, AFLs, etc.
  • Be able to conduct initial assessments for therapy services and create appropriate treatment plans based off of the information you gathered.

Additional Information

As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst your responsibilities will include:

-Conduct initial assessments for new clients (comprising of direct observation, informal interviews, standardized questionnaires, archival data, etc.)

-Must have familiarity with VB-MAPP, ABLLS, and/or AFLS assessments

-Know how to write an Individualized Behavior Intervention Plan based on the results from assessments and observations

-Update Behavior Plan and Treatment Plan weekly or monthly depending on clientele

-Choose appropriate data collection method to capture change in skill acquisition targets and programs

-Summarize data collected be team and write progress updates every six months

-Thoroughly analyze data collected by Behavioral Therapists

-Train Behavioral Therapists on correct implementation of all current programming and interventions

-Train staff to record data correctly and model current programming on every client

-Conduct monthly parent meetings and parent trainings

-Collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams including social works, teachers, speech and language pathologist, occupational therapists, etc.

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Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Cornerstones Autism Therapy
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
Full Time

Published on 01/04/2021