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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA2)


Patient Care

Provides care delegated and supervised by a registered nurse to meet the needs of clients determined by condition, development and age.

Participates and implements interdisciplinary plan of care as delegated.

Organizes and adapts plan of care with consideration for patient/client's needs, desires and routines.

Demonstrates awareness and reinforces priorities in the plan of care.

Encourages self-care and independence as appropriate.

Identifies normal and abnormal mental function and demonstrates skills for addressing the needs and behaviors of the cognitively impaired.

Cares for and maintains client's environment by avoiding environmental hazards, using restraints properly, and consistently using infection control procedures.

Recognizes abnormal signs and symptoms of common disease conditions and communicates accurately and with timeliness.

Provides and maintains basic nutrition and oral fluid intake.

Recognizes emergencies and responds demonstrating knowledge of emergency procedures.

Completes documentation according to guidelines.


Demonstrates knowledge of statutes and regulations and functions within the legal boundaries of certified nursing assistant practice.

Achieves and maintains clinical competency by:

Maintaining current certification.

Performing acts within the authorized scope of practice for which the individual is certified.

Demonstrating on-going competency in performance of technical skills.

Performing tasks or procedures after presenting written and documented education and/or clinical experience.


LEGACY'S VALUES IN ACTION:Follow guidelines set forth in the Legacy's Values in Action.

Equal Opportunity Employer/Vets/Disabled.


Current CNA 2 (Acute Care) required.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA2)

Legacy Labs LLC
Portland, OR
Full Time

Published on 11/25/2021

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