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Chemical Technician

* Operate and monitor the chemical production activities in the plant, ensure that processes are run according to process description, complete batch documentation accurately and thoroughly, while adhering to the required quality and safety standards, and in a productive, cost-effective manner.
* Assist Production Lead to meet production targets/schedules while maintaining satisfactory standards of Good Manufacturing Practice, safety, and housekeeping.
* Operate and monitor the chemical processes assigned:
* Each of these processes may comprise the following activities:
* Participate in an appropriate hand-over of the process(es) on which he / she is working.
* Obtain, follow and complete process related documentation. Check prior shifts documentation for accuracy and thoroughness.
* Clean vessels and lines prior to and following batches as required.
* Conduct all required pre-batch checks.
* Charge vessels with solids or liquids as directed in procedures.
* Conduct post-charge verification checks and take any necessary corrective action.
* Adjust and monitor (using all information available, including automation input/outputs and personal inspection) process conditions as required.
* Carry out routine sampling and sample testing as necessary.
* Transfer process streams to other units in coordination with other staff.
* Monitor process; both with DCS and manually observing temperature, pressure, flow, PH, volume, colour, salt content, moisture content and adjusting the parameters accordingly.
* Perform Batch / Offloading operations.
* Operate general facility service equipment such as vacuum pumps, water systems, VOC scrubbers.
* Record all operational and analytical data on the appropriate documents and inform the Shift Production Lead of any process abnormalities.
* Put on appropriate clothing and personal protective equipment for the process and the processing area.
* Maintain material segregation and label appropriately and accurately all containers, bags and vessels.
* Carry out routine checks and scheduled cleaning procedures, for both process and facilities as required.
* Obtain and verify materials necessary for processing, monitor materials stock and notify Shift Production Lead in the event of a material or supply abnormality.
* Notify Shift Production Lead of requirement for maintenance. Prepare equipment before maintenance work e.g. depressurizing, cleaning of lines and equipment, de-energizing etc.
* Assist in on-the-job training of other Chemical Technicians.
* Perform material handling duties including forklift/reach-truck operation driving.
* Carry out assignments for alternate or simultaneous processes as directed.
* Meet eligibility requirements for the Emergency Response Team.
* Attend meetings and training events as required.
* Maintain all qualifications and development milestones as necessary for duties.
* Assist in trouble-shooting and resolving problems that arise during the processing.
* Participate in pre-commissioning and chemical commissioning activities as required under the direction of the Senior Manager, Operations and Shift Production Lead.
* Participate in SHE, Business Compliance, cGMP and all other compliance-related matters, where applicable.
* Adhere to and comply with the company and departmental procedures, health & safety rules and regulations, and comply with current Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Housekeeping at all times.
* Supervise and oversee Third Party Contractors, where applicable.
* Any other duties as and when assigned by the Production Lead.


* GCE O Level, NITEC, Higher NITEC or Diploma in Chemical Process Technology, Chemical Engineering or its equivalentExperience:

* 0 3 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical or related industries.
* Good understanding of safe working practices, cGMP and good documentation practice.

Chemical Technician

United States
Full Time

Published on 01/04/2021