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Clinical Director - RN - Med Surgical ||Urgent Required ||(MHas.)

Job Title: Clinical Director - RN - Med Surgical

Location: Texarkana, TX 75503

Shift Timing: Monday-Friday 8-hour days, longer if needed to cover all meetings and committees.

Duration: 12 Weeks

Scrubs: Navy Blue

*Has COVID patients, must agree to care for them*



Certifications and License:

  • RN License in state of employment or compact
  • BLS thru AHA

Education/Skills: Bachelor's Degree


  • Min 3-5yrs of Clinical Patient Care exp in a relevant setting
  • Min 2yrs of Healthcare Leadership BSN required Travel exp required RN LIC (in State or Compact)

JOB SUMMARY: Manages the nursing services and staff for a department; ensures quality and full compliance with relevant policies and standards.


  • Implementing and monitoring programs and practices for the delivery of safe and efficient quality nursing care for patients and their families.
  • Ensuring consistent application of nursing services policies and standards throughout the organization.
  • Monitoring patient outcomes and quality and effectiveness of nursing care.
  • Overseeing performance of teams; identifying and addressing staff training and development needs.
  • Apprising medical staff, department heads, and administrators in matters related to nursing service and strategies.

Standard I:  Financial Management:

  • Recognizes the impact of reimbursement on revenue
  • Understands the relationship between values-based purchasing and quality outcomes with revenue and reimbursement
  • Creates, monitors, and analyzes a budget; explaining variance
  • Conducts ongoing evaluation of productivity, forecasting future revenue and expenses
  • Documents capital appropriations and project authorizations

Standard II.  Human Resources Management:

  • Evaluates and specifies the critical resources required to accomplish the team's objectives
  • Initiates requests for required resources based on staff competency with patient acuity
  • Allocates team resources responsibly and equitably within the scope of labor laws
  • Calculates resource usage to set a baseline for comparison
  • Discovers opportunities to improve resource utilization
  • Implements changes in role consistent with scope of practice
  • Anticipates and plans for admission/discharge/transfer needs to facilitate patient flow
  • Resolves conflicts in a wide variety of situations, such as workload allocation, schedule overlap etc.
  • Adjusts management and personal style to fit the needs of different people and different situations
  • Explores motivational factors and tailors motivational efforts to individual needs and situations for the department
  • Conducts evaluations on personnel performance at the work place and recommends improvement plans
  • Coaches others on operating personnel management systems and their processes

Standard III.  Relationship Management and Influencing Behaviors:

  • Situation Management
  • Identifies issues that require immediate attention
  • Applies principles of crisis management to handle situations as necessary 
  • Manages conflict
  • Promotes team dynamics
  • Mentors and coaches staff
  • Promotes Professional Management
  • Promotes and encourages stress management
  • Encourages participation in professional action
  • principles of self-awareness
  • Fosters a healthy work environment
  • Diversity
  • Understands the components of cultural competence as they apply to the workforce
  • Maintains an environment of fairness and processes to support it 
  • Capitalizes on differences to foster highly effective work groups

Standard VI.  Performance Improvement/Safe Practice/Quality Care/Regulations:

  • Assesses customer and patient satisfaction while developing and implementing strategies to address satisfaction issues
  • Provides direct service to internal or external customers
  • Facilitates the resolution of customer problems, issues, or concerns
  • Monitors and promotes workplace safety requirements resulting in positive patient outcomes
  • Applies systems thinking knowledge as an approach to analysis and decision-making
  • Demonstrates accountability for nursing research and quality improvement activities
  • Provides evidence-based nursing care
  • Promotes and communicates patient information effectively across the continuum of care

Standard V.  Leadership:

  • Serves as a leader of patient care
  • Utilizes an appropriate style of leadership: autocratic, democratic, laissez-faire/free rein, etc.
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities: intelligence, influence, determination, integrity, confidence
  • Manages own behaviors during interactions, such as feedback giving, to shape workplace events
  • Utilizes positive reinforcement to motivate and attain desired behaviors; increases productivity
  • Employs leadership theories, such as contingency and transformational, and associated techniques
  • Applies techniques of “action learning” to problem solve and personally reflect on decisions

Clinical Performance Improvement:

  • Shares experiences with process performance improvements across multiple areas
  • Recognizes recurring and difficult problems and explores new or innovative solutions
  • Leverages technology to facilitate the sharing of clinical performance or outcomes data
  • Compares and contrasts different approaches for performance improvement; highlights pros and cons
  • Creates mechanism for ensuring quality and performance measures are understood and valued by nursing staff
  • Consults on and coaches on developing business cases to justify improvement initiatives

Clinical Policies and Standards:

  • Monitors different types of clinical practice to ensure compliance with standards
  • Evaluates existing and evolving standards and procedures and their impact on the organization
  • Informs others on advanced clinical standards and policies across medical specialties
  • Collaborates with other functions in establishing and documenting joint standards
  • Participates in the development of clinical policies and practices
  • Develops control and monitoring mechanisms for clinical policies adherence

Healthcare Policy and Ethics Compliance:

  • Shares experiences with addressing diverse problems in healthcare policy compliance
  • Demonstrates best practices for dealing with complex compliance or non-compliance situations
  • Guides others in making correct decisions when faced with ethical dilemmas
  • Designs or revises organizational practices and procedures to ensure compliance with policies
  • Supports and coaches on mechanisms that encourage attention to compliance issues; all clinical activities
  • Participates in translating policy changes into operational programs and services

Healthcare Regulatory Environment:

  • Implements programs as needed to comply with diverse healthcare laws or regulations
  • Monitors regulatory compliance of all healthcare practices to ensure no violations
  • Evaluates key aspects of pending healthcare regulations and legislation that may impact company
  • Provides recommendations and implements solutions to existing and potential legal problems
  • Shares main considerations and issues related to laws and regulations in the implementation of healthcare practices

Collaborates and communicates with all departments of healthcare organization for the preparation for external audits.   

Clinical Director - RN - Med Surgical ||Urgent Required ||(MHas.)

Texarkana, TX
Mid Level Career (5+ yrs experience)

Published on 03/20/2023

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