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Clinical Research Nurse

Clinical Research Nurse

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Clinical Research Nurse – rev . 5 /2019

Clinical Research Nurse

JOB SUMMAR Y: Under the guidance and supervision of the Principal Invest igator, the C linical Research
Nurse is responsible for assuring that the integrity and qu ality of the clinical research is maintained and
condu cted in accordance with G ood Clinical Practice Guid elines, applicable federal , state and local
regulations. The Clinical Research Nurse impleme nts recruitme nt procedures for potential participants,
ensures compliance with prot ocols, overall rese arch and clinic al objectives as well as maintains accurate
an d timely docum entation.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS – JOB DUTIES: The following duties are considered essential to the job.
Qualified individuals must have the ability – with or without reasonable accommodation – t o perform
the following duties.

1) Ass ists PI an d other team m embers as needed in th e development of plans, time lines and processes
for research studies, contributes to the ongoing revi ew and any necessary modifications to
approved protocols.

2) Coordin ates and participates in the pre -site study in itiation visits. Co ordinates study initiation and
assists with planning and design of source documents for protocol while adhering to study protocol.

3) Sup ports ongoing recruitment of patients for rese arch in accord ance to protocol requirements ;
screens potential patients fo r eligibility and p articipation; monitors enrollment goals.

4) Presents tr ial concepts and details to the pat ients, participates in the informed c onsent process and
enrolls patients on pro tocol.

5) Ma y disburse investigational drug and provide patient teaching regarding administration ; maintains
investigational drug accountability .

6) Anticipates the physiologic and p sychosocial problems of research participants and prepares for
t hem using e vidence-based nursing expertise.

7) In col laboration with the physician, re views patients for changes in condition, adverse ev ents,
concomitant medication use, pr otocol compliance, response to study drug and t horoughly
docu ments all findings.

8) Respons ible for accurate an d timely collection, documentation, entr y and reporting of t rial data.

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Clinical Research Nurse – rev . 5 /2019
Remains 100% audit ready .

10) Provides educa tion to patients, fam ilies and clinic staff regarding research p rotocol and
investigational agents.

11) Collaborates with Principal Inve stigator in the study selection process and review s cont racts to
ensur e study is financially feasible for the P ractice.

12) Utiliz es external resource s to dev elop and facilitate productive working relationships for future
clinical studies.

13) Responsible for tracking and moni toring payments associated with all clinic al trials.

14) Main tains regular and p unctual attendance.

15) Complies with all practice policies and procedures inc luding CCAY’s Code of Conduct .

SECONDARY FUNCTIONS – JOB DUTIES: The following duties are conside red secondary to the essential
functions liste d above.

1) Participates in required training and education programs.
2) Performs other duties as required .



Specific education, c ertification, and licens ure:
• Nursing diploma, Associate ’s Degree in nurs ing required or higher preferred .
• Current licensure as a Registered Professional Nurse is required, issued by the PA State Board of
• SoC RA or ACRP c ertification preferred or completion within two to three years of hire date .

Essential Job -relate d Experience:
• Min imum two to three (2 -3) career experience in nursing.
• Minimum two to three ( 2-3) years of experience in clinical research , preferably oncology.

Preferred Job-related experience:
• Electronic M edical Record experience preferred

Essentia l Jo b-relat ed Skills:
• Strong w ritten, verbal and problem -solving skills
• Excellent project management and organization skills
• Experience at inter preting medical charts, abstrac ting data from medical records
• Abilit y to organize and coordinate multiple pat ients’ rese arch activities to adhere to
pro tocol requirements.

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Clinical Research Nurse – rev . 5 /2019
• Ability to work in a rapidly chan ging, multiple-deman d setting.

Ability to prioritize a large volume of work and meet deadlines efficient ly.

Clinical Research Nurse

York, PA
Full Time
Early Career (2+ yrs experience)

Published on 07/18/2019