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Director of Allied Health at National Louis University

In November 2020, National Louis University launched a new initiative called Accelerate U focused on workforce training for local, upwardly-mobile jobs and careers.  A path-breaking “job first higher education” model, our work connects
learners and employers, linking economic stability for participants with
the diverse talent pipeline needs of employers.  Accelerate U works
closely with employer partners to build affordable (Pell-eligible)
academic and training pathways that 1) bridge to an in-demand job in 3-6
months, 2) lead to an industry-recognized credential, 3) focus on
technical and ”durable”/career readiness skill development, 4) include NLU
coaching, wraparound supports, and a meaningful cohort-based
experience, and 5) allow participants to earn up to 30 college credits
that seamlessly “stack” into a bachelor’s degree.  

NLU seeks a Founding Director of Allied Health at NLU to
oversee the expansion of the Accelerate U allied health training
program. The Director will join an entrepreneurial, creative,
outcomes-focused team at NLU to design, pilot,
and launch training experiences to meet the needs of hospitals and
other healthcare employers looking for strong talent.

This individual will be responsible for the overall leadership of Accelerate
U’s allied health training program. They will help design, develop,
implement, and manage these new training experiences, all of which will
leverage NLU technology (i.e. online learning)
and innovative pedagogy to drive student learning.  The Director will
work closely with the Accelerate U team, including the Director of
Product & Learning in particular, to ensure each learner has an
exceptional experience at Accelerate U. They will work with a variety of
other stakeholders including local and national employers, subject
matter and industry experts, partner organizations, and NLU
colleagues to ensure all degree and certification curricula are
high-quality, relevant, flexible, and, most importantly, lead to learner

The Director will provide academic and administrative leadership; ensure curricular alignment to national certifications and support course development; and hire and support faculty to ensure high-quality program delivery. The Director is an experienced academic and programmatic leader who understands the
knowledge, skills, and attributes learners need to be competitive in the
workplace. The Director of Allied Health Programs position is a
twelve-month, full-time, professional practice track (Open Rank)
administrative faculty position. The Founding Director of Allied Health
Programs will report to the Vice President of Workforce Pathways at
Accelerate U. NLU seeks applicants that reflect the diversity of its student body and the city of Chicago.

This is the right role for you if:

You are committed to equity, access, and building economic mobility.

You understand that economic disparity and income inequality are
destabilizing forces for a true democracy.  You know the power of a
great education – one that catapults a learner into new, choice-filled
opportunities. You also know that too many talented, high-potential
people get left out, overlooked, or skipped over when it comes to
opportunities. You want to break down those barriers, destroy those
misconceptions, and prepare and connect extraordinarily talented people
with the opportunities they deserve. You understand the need for more
accessible and shorter training pathways as a means to meeting the
current talent demand and you are driven to implement a solution that
meets this need.

You know the healthcare sector and what it takes to get learners ready for work.

You have rich experience working in the healthcare sector.  You have
expertise in particular healthcare jobs/careers, but you know the
healthcare sector broadly and can work with hospitals and healthcare
facilities to adjust and grow our programming to meet their needs.  You
know what high-quality programming and execution look like.  You can
help design and deliver new, highly relevant curricula that sets all
learners up for long-term success in their careers. You know how to
recruit, select, and support great allied health instructors and you’re
committed to helping each instructor improve their practice. 

You are driven to succeed.

You are passionate about serving all Accelerate U participants including
first-generation learners and others motivated by the challenge of
preparing for meaningful work. You’re agile, flexible, and engaging,
ready to learn quickly to launch the very best program possible at NLU.
As a founding member of the team, you believe in and are excited to
contribute to a supportive environment and learner-driven culture.
You’re ready to work hard, determined to build something special for
everyone who enrolls.

You are creative.  And relentless.

You understand the urgency of the moment and the responsibility to create
fantastic learning opportunities for learners. You are laser-focused on
building effective career-preparation programming, especially when that
means finding new and better ways to meet each participant’s learning
needs.You see moments when students do not achieve at the level expected
as fuel for your own learning and creativity to design stronger
solutions. You embrace the “and” and work with those around you to build
exceptional user experiences. You never, ever give up.

As the Director of Allied Health, Essential Responsibilities will be: 

New Program Launch

  • Serve as an in-house subject matter expert on allied health to
    ensure courses and programs meet employer needs and are in accordance
    with university policy, accreditation and employer standards. 
  • Ensure that Accelerate U’s first allied health training track – the
    Registered Medical Assistant Training Pathway – meets the needs of
  • Lead efforts to to improve the implementation of Accelerate U
    programming and to support the Director of Learning & Product to
    improve training content, curricula, and the overall program model. 
  • Work closely with the Accelerate U Director of Product & Learning, the Director of Employer Engagement, and the NLU learning design team to implement new allied health training experiences to meet employer and learner needs.
  • Collect feedback from learners, faculty, and employer partners and work with the Accelerate U team to improve programming.
  • Help in the identification and hiring of other allied health subject
    matter experts to support the design and creation of new training

Academic Oversight and Support

  • Oversee the implementation of all allied health training programs.
    Use an efficient scheduling model to ensure learners are taking the
    right classes and that class size maximizes resources and the learning
  • Monitor and manage learner progress by utilizing student learning analytics.
  • Communicate learner progress to relevant parties (including learners
    where needed) and ensure implementation of individualized learner
    supports, especially for participants who dip below the standards set by
    Accelerate U.
  • Delivery instruction and assess/grade student learning on a regular
    basis (in conjunction with other responsibilities) and in order
    understand and improve Accelerate U programming.
  • Oversee all decisions about learners exiting early from the program.
  • Collaborate across NLU to resolve learner issues and concerns. 
  • Oversee Accelerate U “Skills Labs” including improving the
    curricula, securing physical space, and identifying and hiring Skills
    Lab instructors.

Instructor Hiring & Support

  • Oversee the faculty hiring process to ensure each allied health
    training track is appropriately staffed and aligned to credentialing
  • Design and implement an equitable evaluation process to determine adjunct instructor candidate quality and readiness. 
  • Collaborate with Human Resources to regularly create and maintain a
    hiring network in subject area creating a pool of hiring options for
    faculty positions, reviewing candidates, perform initial interviews and
    make recommendations for hire to leadership.
  • Oversee and implement the adjunct instructor onboarding and training
    process so that each adjunct is ready for the start of class.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for instructors, answering ongoing support requests and questions.
  • Observe classes to provide ongoing support and training to faculty
  • Implement an observation/reflection/debrief cycle with instructors once per course.

Externship & Certification Coordination

  • Set clear administrative expectations for learners, coaches, and
    employers to ensure all learners have completed externship requirements.
  • Monitor, track, and process externship hours logs to ensure successful completion.
  • Manage Accelerate U’s partnership with external quality assurance agencies (i.e. American Medical Technologist).
  • Develop tools to support learners successfully completing their exam application and scheduling their exam.
  • Monitor learner exam application progress and provide 1:1 support to learners when needed.
  • Refine Accelerate U’s efforts to ensure all learners pass the certification exams.
  • Support learners in preparing for, paying for, and scheduling retake exams when needed.
  • Work closely with NLU administrative staff including the registrar to ensure program completers receive transcripts and credentials.

What you bring to the team.

First and foremost, the Founding Director of Allied Health must
share Accelerate U’s sense of urgency about the need (and opportunity)
to build affordable, flexible, rigorous, supportive, career-aligned
learning opportunities that set learners up to be engaged citizens in
the 21st Century. 

Additionally, candidates for the position must have the following:

  • 5+ years of experience working in the healthcare field including
    work in a clinical setting, medical office, or laboratory where clinical
    skills were necessary.
  • 3+ years of teaching experience, ideally in a college, high school,
    or workforce development setting.  Strong preference for experience
    teaching online.
  • 3+ years of experience managing and coaching others to deliver instruction, training, and/or programming.
  • A Master’s Degree in healthcare or a relevant field.
  • A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and helping to
    create at Accelerate U a place where a diverse group of talented people
    want to come, to stay and do their best work.
  • Hold or be eligible for a nationally-recognized allied health field certification such as CMA, RMA, or RN.
  • Expertise in the following areas: medical terminology, medical office procedures, examinations & treatments, EKG procedure, medical laboratory, CPR, phlebotomy (a plus), injections, urinalysis, anatomy & physiology.
  • Experience developing curricula for training programs a plus.
  • CPR certified at the level of Health Care Provider through the American Heart Association and be able to competently administer CPR.
  • Demonstrated ability to consistently connect instruction to its real
    world relevance, tying in concepts and theories in the classroom to
    learners’ current and future work experiences and highlighting immediate
  • Technology proficient, including experience with digital tools for
    teaching, and teaching in either online or blended/hybrid formats.
    Experience using a learning management system.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills with the ability to articulate a clear vision for new content design.
  • Strong time management and critical thinking skills and the ability
    to manage multiple priorities and meet deadlines effectively.
  • Ability to perform well under pressure while maintaining a positive attitude and building effective client relationships.
  • Entrepreneurial, positive problem-solver who sees opportunity in challenges.
  • Clear judgment, a mature interpersonal style, and the ability to drive collaborative decision-making processes.
  • A positive attitude and focus on providing an excellent experience for all learners.

NLU Inclusion Statement:

National Louis University is deeply committed to serving its
community, advancing access and equity, and ensuring that all
individuals are welcomed and valued.  We are dedicated to fostering a
culture where diversity, equity, and inclusion remain at the core of who
we are. These are more than just words to us: they are truly a way of
life for the NLU community. We recognize that
differences in age, race, gender (identity and expression), nationality,
sexual orientation, physical and intellectual ability, and background
bring richness to our work environment. We affirm diverse perspectives,
innovative contributions, and authentic presentations of self from every
member within the NLU community. We believe inclusion is grounded in the actions we intentionally take each day. Our goal is to inspire and empower NLU
employees and community members to cultivate an environment where we
collectively focus on uplifting and advancing our institutional culture.

Director of Allied Health at National Louis University
Chicago, IL
Full Time
Mid Level Career (5+ yrs experience)

Published on 05/04/2022

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