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JOB TITLE: EVS Technician/Housekeeper, LTCC DEPARTMENT: Environmental Services STARTING WAGE WITH NO EXPERIENCE: $14. 01/HOUR JOB SUMMARY To maintain the Long Term Care Center interior and furnishings in a clean, aseptic and orderly fashion for the comfort and health of the residents, and ensuring a pleasant environment for visitors and staff. JOB REQUIREMENTS Must be able to read, understand and follow simple directions. High school diploma or equivalent preferred EXPERIENCE: Entry Level SKILLS Interest in the welfare of the residents, able to make light conversation while working around the residents, visitors and staff. Must be able to work around unpleasant odors and illnesses. Maintain confidentiality of resident information and uphold all residents rights while maintaining dignity and privacy for each individual resident. REQUIRED CERTIFICATIONS May be required to have a valid Wyoming drivers license to perform cleaning duties in out-buildings. OFFERING A $1,500. 00 SIGN-ON BONUS! ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Clean all areas of an assignment given the department manager/supervisor, according to the policies and procedures as set forth by the Environmental Services Department and following State and Federal standards. This cleaning is to include but is not limited to the following as assigned by schedules. Cleaning of all resident rooms and bathrooms using the 7-step method. Straightening the residents rooms, putting call bells within reach and removing soiled linen from rooms. Assist in marking residents clothing and personal items. Pack and have ready for removal possessions of a resident who has passed away, thoroughly clean the room and make the bed for a new admission as requested. Cleaning of all guest lobbies restrooms. Cleaning of all nurses stations, utilities, halls, carpet, conference rooms, bathing areas, hall restrooms, common areas offices. Cleaning of all ancillary departments in the LTCC building. Cleaning of dining room removal of trash. Completing assisting with periodic work. Wall washing/window washing. Carpet care. Hard floor care. Other as needed or directed to do. Communication Communication with patient regarding patients rights. Patient identification. Special requests. Follow standard precautions as set forth by OSHA. and Hospital regulations. Wearing of gloves, frequent hand washing. Use of other personal protections equipment. Understanding following isolation procedures. Needs to familiarize self with the use protection of equipment for blood borne pathogens as states in the OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens Standard. Knowledge of chemicals, names use/dilutions. Identifies chemical by name. Proper use of chemicals. Knowledge of Safety Data Sheets and where they are located. How to read understand.


cody regional health
Cody, WY 82414
Full Time

Published on 01/15/2022

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