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The Licensed Practical Nurse is responsible for the delivery of direct nursing care under the supervision of the registered nurse. The Licensed Practical Nurse will follow the philosophy and standards of the Registered Nurse. The LPN will follow the philosophy and standards of the Nursing Department of this facility.




  1. The LPN will administer all medications according to the standards of Safe Nursing Practice, in a timely manner and according to the physicians’ orders.
  2. The LPN will adhere to all policies and procedures of the facility regarding medication administration.
  3. The LPN will administer the HIV Risk Assessment to each patient within 72 hours of admission.
  4. The LPN will implant the Mantoux (PPD) skin test, read within 48-72 hours and document the results and related follow up care in the patient’s medical record.
  5. The LPN will educate patients regarding their medications and document patient’s response, comprehension and compliance in the medical record
  6. The LPN will provide each patient with Harm Reduction Health Education related to high-risk behaviors that result in HIV, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis infections. Patient’s response to said education will be documented in the medical record.
  7. The LPN will document in the medical record all patient activity such as admissions, discharges, passes, transfers, and visits to the Emergency Room or visits to Pan American Medical Center.
  8. The LPN will document in the medical record the progress of the patient’s detoxification process including behavioral response to same.
  9. The LPN will document all treatment interventions and patient’s response to same in the medical records.
  10. The LPN will communicate with all members of the treatment team regarding the progress of patient’s treatment.
  11. The LPN is responsible for withdrawal assessments and or vital signs for patients as indicated by the facility’s policies, procedures and protocols.
  12. The LPN is responsible for checking all Emergency equipment weekly such as: The Emergency Drug Box, the Asthma Nebulizer, the Emergency Oxygen Tank, the Emergency Delivery Kit.
  13. The LPN is responsible for weekly inventory and ordering of the unit’s medications, medical/surgical supplies, equipment and stationary.
  14. The LPN will prepare the unit’s diet order form each night and forward the form to the Night Nursing Supervisor.
  15. The LPN is responsible for the collection of data related to CQI programs such as: Census, Kardex, Risk Management, Incident Reports, Infection Control Reports and Medication Event Report Forms.
  16. The LPN will adhere to the dress code standards of the Department of Nursing and ACI.
  17. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.




  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Diploma from an NLN accredited program for Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Current NY State Board of Nursing License and Registration
  • Minimum of 2 years nursing experience in Substance Abuse or Psychiatry



New York, NY
Per Diem
Mid Level Career (5+ yrs experience)

Published on 11/10/2022

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