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LPN Discharge Center (Days)


Within scope of licensure, performs nursing as well as cross-trainable technical functions for patients in all age groups (neonate, infant, children, adolescent, adult, and geriatric) within licensure requirements and educational preparation that will contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Performs other routine procedures/services as a member of the University Hospital patient care team. Works as a member of a unit-based, multidisciplinary team. Embraces nursing organizational principals by supporting nursing councils goals and objectives. Embraces shared governance nursing organizational principals by being aware of nursing council activities so that outcome, goals and objectives of nursing are achieved. Accountability will be monitored through direct observations; achievement of team service goals including satisfaction, quality, and financial outcomes; and performance improvement activities.

The provision of nursing care will be provided in an environment that embraces maximum participation by the staff.


The knowledge base required to function as a Licensed Practical Nurse is normally acquired through graduation from an accredited LPN. Must successfully complete Licensed Practical Nurse orientation within initial orientation/cross-training period.

Licensure as LPN in Georgia is required.

Must perform to maximum level of licensure (e.g., LPN must develop skills in medications administration within orientation/cross-training period).

BCLS preferred, Must acquire certification within orientation period, and maintain.

One year experience preferred.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Knowledge of growth and development relevant to the ages of the patients served.

Knowledge of the diseases and health care needs of the patient population served.

Ability to think critically and prioritize multiple tasks and responsibilities.

Training/performance in other skills-based competencies outside of base discipline may be required.

Ability to apply technical education in a team based unit.

Moderate level of analytical skill is required in order to determine method of providing the requested technical services based on the specifics of each individual case.

High level of interpersonal skills in order to effectively communicate with patients, families, visitors, team members, physicians, and other hospital personnel with whom daily interactions must take place.

High level of interpersonal skills in order to interact effectively as a team member on a team with varying levels of health care workers.

Ability to perform efficiently and effectively under stress.

Demonstrated traits of both initiative and dependability required.

Philosophy of health care service is compatible with that of the mission of University Hospital.

Work ethic and commitment is compatible with that of University Hospital management and demands of the unit.

Physical Demands
Standing for long periods of time (8 to 12 hours)

Walking for long periods of time (8 to 12 hours) to include moving about the work area, hospital and/or campus as needed

Sitting for extended periods (8 to 12 hours)

Must be able to bend, stoop and reach/lift above your head

Sight: must be able to read documentation in a variety of formats such as items in print or electronically. For Health Care Providers (HCP) must be able to visualize patient condition and see data displayed on monitoring devices, etc.

Auditory: must be able to hear in order to clearly communicate with others and use communication devices such as telephones, must be able to hear patients, alarms, call bells, etc.

Tactile: must have ability to handle equipment and/or devices related to job duties, enter documentation within computer system. For HCP must be able to feel for pulses, skin temperature, and other patient conditions

Olfactory: HCP need to be able to smell disease-specific smells

HCP should not manually lift (including transfer, reposition, or move) patients who weigh greater than 35 pounds. The appropriate safe patient handling device will be used, except in emergency situations (life or death situations where delay in obtaining and using the safe patient handling equipment may be detrimental to the patient). Refer to Policy/Procedure G-89

Proper body mechanics will be used when moving or lifting any equipment or supplies

LPN Discharge Center (Days)

University Health Care System
Augusta, GA
Full Time

Published on 03/19/2021

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