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BECOME A CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT IN JUST 6 WEEKS! This 6-week course will run every Monday through Friday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. You can work for our Long Term Care Center as an Unlicensed Personal Assistant (UPA) while youre completing this CNA certification course. We will have (5) open morning positions (5) open evening positions. This is structured so that you have 20 hours per week of class time and 20 hours per week working as a UPA. REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS: Please apply for the UPA position in this posting and call Rodney Tolman at (307) 578-2409 for more information. DEADLINE TO APPLY IS JULY 23RD JOB TITLE: Unlicensed Personal Assistant (UPA) DEPARTMENT: Long Term Care Center REPORTS TO: Charge Nurse, Nursing Supervisor, and Director of Nursing CONSULTS WITH: CRH CNAs, Nurses, Dietitian and Dietary Staff JOB SUMMARY UPA will be a staff member with a focus on the resident. The presence of the UPA will be dependent on the CNA to Resident ratio. The UPA will be assisting the CNAs and Nurses in completing tasks listed but not limited to: nutrition intake, fluid intake, side work, and providing common comforts for LTCC residents. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Coordinates resident needs with UC, CNA, Nurse, Bath Aide and Restorative Aide. Provides excellent customer service to residents, family members, physicians, staff members and visitors. Answers phone calls on each unit as trained and with a professional and courteous attitude. Ensurerooms stay neat by preforming light housekeeping duties, such as straightening up closets, making beds, folding blankets, organizing night standsetc. Ensures living areas stay neat by preforming small housekeeping duties, such as lowering recliners, folding blankets, disposing of paper cups and plates, etc. Assists activities staff by assisting residents to scheduled activities such as Bingo or Beauty shop. Completes the required State Feeding Assistant Program and successfully completes annual CEUs associated with specific training requirements. Distributes Ice Water around 1000 1500 to ensure all residents have access to fresh water per preference and documents the amount of fluid intake. Asks residents if they would like a snack and delivers snacks to all residents around 1000 1500 to ensure all residents have access to food multiple times a day. Documents the amount consumed. Assists residents to dining areas, applies clothing protectors, serves drinks, and meals, helps CNAs by feeding and cueing the lower choke risk residents. Document percentages of food consumed and fluid intake accurately and completely. Assists residents back to the main living area/personal rooms. Reports poor appetites or low fluid intake to charge nurse. Answers call lights and ensures they are within reach of the resident. Assists residents with small needs, such as bringing them a blanket, refreshing their coffee, etc. Assists the CNAs with placing personal care products, linens, laundry, etc. in the correct residential rooms. Notifies supervisor(s) of any suspected abuse immediately. Setup and cue residents with ADLs if needed. Notify Charge Nurse if resident is requesting medication, change in care plans, or any concerns. Reports any changes or unusual observations of the resident to the Charge Nurse. Can assist activities with tasks such as labeling new laundry for residents. Upholds resident rights and freedoms as stated in the Residents Rights Policy. Maintains strict confidentiality and upholds HIPPA requirements. Attends mandatory orientation, staff meetings and in-services. Conforms to dress code, and all other policies and procedures of the facility. Knows and is able to carry out approved emergency procedures. Reports all unusual occurrences, breakage and damage. Conforms to dress code and all other policies and procedures of the facility. JOB REQUIREMENTS This position will require specified training on assisting residents with meals, obtaining percentages, operating LTCC Van and Bus, and acceptable practices for Unlicensed Personnel while caring for our residents. EXPERIENCE Entry level SKILLS Exhibits a special interest in the older adult and others requiring long term care. Has sufficient written and verbal communication skills to understand instructions and complete basic charting functions. Maintains confidentiality. REQUIRED CERTIFICATIONS BLS, Current drivers license and clear driving record


cody regional health
Cody, WY 82414
Full Time

Published on 01/15/2022

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