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LVN Supervisor

Job Description:


Reports to: Director of Rehab with a dotted line to the DON

Job Status: Full Time & PRN - including weekends - flexibility required


Referral to Skilled Therapy

  • Referral to the Transitions of Care Restorative Nursing Program
  • Referral to Continuity of Care Program
  • Manage and coordinate Restorative Nursing Program:
  1. Must be a member of Interdisciplinary Team that will develop appropriate plan of care based on patient's need
  2. Inform DON or designee of any changes in patient status
  3. Implement Continuity of Care Program after development by RN
  4. Ensure Restorative Nurse Assistant(s) complete weekly documentation in Care Tracker
  5. Complete monthly documentation in Care Tracker
  6. Attend Weekly Skilled Care Management Meeting
  7. Responsible for all training related to Transitions of Care Restorative Program/Continuity of Care Program
  8. Update program changes in Care Tracker as needed
  9. Participate in Care Plan Meeting and provide input for Restorative Nursing/Continuity of Care programs
  10. Provide oversight of training between Transitions of Care Team and Continuity of Care nursing staff to ensure specific care needs (Walk-to-Dine, Toileting, Restorative Dining, Splints/Braces, etc.) are trained
  11. Update RNP/COC section of the RNA assignment sheet in Care Tracker
  12. Review caseload minutes/schedule to ensure adequate time on premises to perform assigned programs
  13. Complete annual Restorative Nurse Training (Relias)
  14. Complete Annual Restorative Nurse Skills Check List per DOR/Therapy Designee


Must be RN or LVN, must have completed Competency Training and passed written exam provided by Director of Rehab/Regional Director of Rehab.Candidate must be able to demonstrate ability to communicate professionally and respectfully with all members of the Interdisciplinary Team, as well as with all patients, family members and staff. Nurse must demonstrate proficiency of Care Tracker and PCC documentation through completion of all required items in an accurate and timely manner.

LVN Supervisor

McAllen, TX
Full Time

Published on 11/05/2019