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Medical Lab Technologist


BRIEF JOB SUMMARY: Provides precise, accurate quality laboratory services in the Andrology and Endocrinology laboratories performing testing and sample preparation for patient care and external testing.




  • Performs bench laboratory procedures involving semen analysis and related testing procedures (viability staining and fructose testing), semen preparation for insemination from fresh and frozen samples, in vitro fertilization and cryopreservation.  
  • Preparation of blood samples and automated endocrine testing of human serum using Immulite automated analyzer.
  • Performs all necessary maintenance and quality control procedures in the operation of all associated Andrology and Endocrinology and embryology ( if requested) laboratory equipment on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly fashion as required and directed.
  • Adheres to sterile technique in all handling and strict sample identification procedures and obeys all laboratory safety and quality management rules
  • Reports laboratory results accurately and in the required timely fashion via written, electronic and verbal communications.
  • Communicates with and instructs patients in a professional, courteous and accurate fashion as required in issues of sample collection, required paperwork and identification and patient specific issues and questions  
  • Maintains all necessary records in an accurate and timely fashion including sample record logs, cryo logs, quality control records, reagent and supply logs
  • Assumes responsibility for cryogenic storage and materials including ensuring proper maintenance of cryogenic tanks and gas supply, proper preparation, labeling and handling of all frozen stored materials, proper record keeping.
  • Ensuring that facilities are clean
  • Also ensures timely transferring all cryogenic material received from external sources (cryo banks, other centers etc.)
  • Monitors inventory of supplies and reagents and ensures that proper ordering of necessary supplies is arranged
  • Participates in all required proficiency testing events in Andrology and Endocrinology
  • Participates in regular continuing education events as required for licensure.
  • Participates in and assists laboratory director and other staff in inspections and other regulatory compliance issues for NYS DOH, CAP, FDA and other regulatory bodies
  • Cooperates in ensuring 7-day laboratory coverage including participation in shared scheduled weekend work and cooperative scheduling of Holiday and vacation periods.
  • Participates in research projects involving Andrology and Endocrinology aspects as required and determined by the laboratory and medical director
  • Provides outstanding team work/patient service including respect, flexibility, knowledge, confidence and assumes/maintains professional attitude with coworkers, physicians and patients at all times
  • Prepare Office, surgical or any letters patients may need
  • Handle Doctors Correspondence such as writing letters, sending notes or packets to patients via email or parcel when requested
  • •     Train and Assist in implementation of the new EMR


Medical Lab Technologist

New York
Full Time
Mid Level Career (5+ yrs experience)

Published on 11/10/2022

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