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Physician Assistant

Pinnacle Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Specialists, LLC

Position Title:   Physician Assistant


The Physician Assistant will be utilized as a provider of Orthopaedic Medial care at Pinnacle Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. 


Standard      I        -             Recognizes role and operates within an integrated plan of care/service


Standard     II        -             Regular Job Functions


  1. Patient evaluation by performing appropriate history and physical exams;
  2. Ordering laboratory, radiological and special studies; 
  3. Performing diagnostic procedures such as, but not limited to, physical examination, joint injections and aspirations and administering of vaccines;
  4. Performing therapeutic procedures such as, but not limited to, suturing of wounds, foreign body removal, I&D of abscesses, reduction of fractures and dislocations, splinting, casting, and injections;
  5. Assisting the surgeon in the OR as designated;
  6. Reading and interpreting imaging studies and laboratory reports;
  7. Initiation of life-saving measures as needed;
  8. Discharge Summaries
  9. Taking Call as directed by Pinnacle to include but not limited to weekends and night call  
  10. Telephone contact with patients as appropriate;
  11. Covering Athletic Venues as requested such as (Sporting Events,Physicals,etc)
  12. Involvement in QI and research programs;
  13. EMR – Review and Lock all Notes within Seven Days of date of  service and,
  14. Attendance at educational and department meetings.


Standard       III           Supervising Physician and PA Relationship


The PA works under the supervision of an attending physician who has registered with the Georgia Board of Medical Examiners as one of the PA’s supervising physicians.  Routine consultation with the supervisory or alternate physician regarding patient-care issues is available in the clinic or by phone contact at all times.  The degree of physician supervision of patient care is variable depending on the patient’s problem and condition, as well as the relationship that has developed between the supervising physician and the PA.


All patients seen by the PA will have full written documentation of the visit in the form of a medical record.  This will include noting any prescriptions written or procedures performed.  After the first six months, at the supervisor’s discretion, charts will be reviewed on a random basis, or as the clinical situation necessitates.


Review of drugs prescribed will be accomplished at the time of the chart review and signing to assure continued compliance with the existing written instructions.


Standard       IV           Place of Service

The PA will see patients in all of the offices operated by Pinnacle Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, LLC.  The PA will also see patients in Well star Kennestone Hospital, Marietta Surgery Center, Northside Cherokee Hospital, Advance Surgery Center, and any other sites that Pinnacle designates.  Medical coverage includes care at local athletic events, amateur or professional, as assigned or approved by Pinnacle Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, LLC.


Standard       V             Prescribing Drugs

Orders of medication, both in the clinic or by prescription, shall be written.  Notation of any orders or prescriptions shall be documented in the patient’s medical record.  The drug, dose, quantity and instructions will be documented in the chart.


Review of this prescribing authority will be accomplished by routine chart audits and on an ad hoc basis as determined by the supervising physician or physicians.

All medications will be used for approved indications as outlined in the Physician Assistants' Prescribing Reference.


Drugs which may not be prescribed, unless by verbal order from the supervising physician, would include all drugs outside the general accepted practice of orthopaedic medicine.  Review of PA prescribing authority will be accomplished by routine chart audits and on an ad hoc basis as determined by the supervising physician or physicians.


  1. Other duties as assigned.


Standard   VI        -             Knowledge, Judgment and Decision Making

-Demonstrate the ability to make decisions as necessary using all available information


Standard   VII-              Communication, Teamwork, and Patient/Employee Relations

-Communicate with colleagues and supervisor effectively and timely


Standard VIII       -             Leadership, Initiative and Resourcefulness


                                           Responsible for all other duties as assigned by Physicians and Administrator.











Competency will be ongoing and assessed during probationary period and on an annual basis

Physician Assistant

Marietta, GA
Full Time
Early Career (2+ yrs experience)

Published on 03/23/2019