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Physician Assistant (PA)


The Physician Assistant will have a variety of wide-ranging duties and responsibilities, all surrounding essential elements of members' medical care including:

  • Performing health histories and in-depth medical exams for new members, to determine preliminary Plans of Care
  • Initiating, evaluating and reviewing medical orders, and identifying opportunities to improve care, when possible
  • Carrying out various procedures and documenting all care and recommendations in writing for fellow interdisciplinary team members
  • Ordering, interpreting and following up on lab tests and results
  • Requesting consultations from medical and non-medical in-house and external providers, including physicians, therapists, dieticians, social workers and other specialists
  • Educating staff, members, caregivers and families on essential care functions to ensure members have maximum independence at home and in centers
  • Completing ongoing assessments to determine Plan of Care changes or improvements based on member feedback and medical evaluations


This role is essential to the success of the LIFE Center, as this individual will work directly with all members of interdisciplinary teams to ensure care is innovative, effective and prompt, while being a hands-on participant in the direct success of this elderly population. Candidates should possess strong analytical skills, a desire to work in a team-centric environment and the ability to teach and communicate medical and non-medical personnel and third-parties.


Physician Assistant (PA)

QNS Recruiting
York, PA
Full Time

Published on 01/04/2021