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Professional Care Tech

Job Description

Job Title:    Professional C.A.R.E./Coach Technician (PCT)

Reports to:  Manager

Job Status:  Hourly/$14.35/hr. (includes premium pay from State)

Job Summary:  PCT’s will be responsible for following the Individual Plans of Service/Person Centered Plans (PCP) to support  the care and recovery of the people who have chosen L.A.D.D., Inc. to provide staffing services. PCT’s must be able to continuously meet the Job Description and Job Essentials for employment with or without accommodations.

Core Competencies: It is a requirement of employment that all L.A.D.D., Inc. personnel follow the company Mission, Vision, and Values at all times as well as all company policy and procedures.

  • Develop supportive relationships with people receiving supports while demonstrating professional boundaries by following the L.A.D.D. Mission, Vision and Values  using them in your actions and words.
  • Respect and honor human diversity by demonstrating and role modeling cultural competency.
  • Work as part of a team and show professionalism at all times through role modeling, demonstrating, and teaching positive values as guided by the L.A.D.D., Inc. Mission, Vision, Values and Code of Conduct.
  • Mediate interpersonal problems between people receiving supports and coworkers if necessary.
  • Develop and maintain positive working relationships with all L.A.D.D., Inc. employees, volunteers, representatives, the general public, and other stakeholders.
  • Communicate effectively with a positive tone, positive intent and with respect.
  • Observe and monitor activities at all times to ensure that everyone is safe.
  • Review the schedule, Medication book, Communication log and other documentation at start of shift and complete all documentation before leaving shift. Complete all required documentation accurately, completely, legibly and in a timely manner, per L.A.D.D. Inc. procedures. 
  • Review daily schedules/calendars to ensure people served arrive on time and are well-prepared for all appointments and activities.
  • Assist individuals with hygiene needs, going to the bathroom, daily care, hair grooming, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other activities of daily living as required for home help service or if required in the PCP.
  • Ensure that the inside & outside of the LADD worksite/program and vehicles are maintained and operated in a safe, secure, and clean manner.
  • Report any safety concerns or barrier to services by using the LADD Maintenance Ticket system and by contacting  your immediate supervisor.
  • Assisting and teaching persons supported to engage and participate in utilizing community resources. This includes assisting them in reviewing options, seeking new opportunities, scheduling and finding transportation, etc. Recreational and social activities of the persons choice occur in their home and community.Always represent the company and people supported in a positive manner in their community helping them to create positive relationships.
  • Teach and support new skills and activities of daily living such as maintaining personal hygiene, cooking, cleaning, home maintenance, health care maintenance, utilizing community resources,  organizing via the person’s calendar.
  • Identify potential issues (and possible signs and symptoms) that require intervention or referral for additional supports/services (e.g. suicidal tendencies, substance abuse, child abuse, violent tendencies, eating disorders, obesity, diseases, etc.). Promptly notify by documenting  using an Incident Report and immediately contact  Management of potential problems or risk..Assist the people in learning and respecting any Roommate Agreements, Leases or other living arrangements and understanding their rights and responsibilities.
  • Ensuring people have privacy during assistance with personal care including knocking and asking to enter.
  • Administer medications and complete documentation per training including teaching self-administration as required in the  Person Centered  Plan.
  • Follow all behavior plans and utilize effective trained techniques of behavior and crisis management as needed.
  • Familiar with and use PCP (Person Centered Plan) to identify strengths and needs of the person and adapt interventions that are most effective.
  • Respect people’s property by assuring that personal belongings are properly stored and secured as necessary.
  • Obtain prompt medical care from physician or hospital if an individual is injured or becomes ill or status of health quickly deterioates.
  • Assist with transportation needs to and from appointments and activities and complete vehicle logs, following driving laws at all times. A valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance is required if using personal transportation.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations,  LADD Inc. policies and procedures, and contract requirements.
  • Successfully complete and actively participate in all required training in the timeframes given, such as Mandt, CPR, First Aid, Community Living Supports, Residential, New Hire, Semi-Annual, Annual and any additional training that may be assigned throughout employment. Not meeting timelines could result in not being scheduled for work until training requirements are met.
  • Maintain current eligibility in all required qualifications to meet both internall and externall mandates.
  • Ensure the health needs of the people are met by assisting with scheduling and coordinating all medical, dental, and healthcare appointments, as well as accompanying & driving the person to the appointment.
  • Accurately reflect time worked by punching in and punching out at the beginning and end of each shift.
  • Be enthusiastic, energetic, outgoing, creative, adapt well to change, flexible, and organized.
  • Participate in healthy menu planning and shopping with the people while supporting individual choice.
  • Should be highly self-motivated and able to work with instruction from Manager/Assistant Manager.
  • Due to the nature of employment (24 hours/7 days per week) employees must be awake and alert at all times.  Sleeping, dozing, or other postures that reduce alertness are prohibited. 
  • Work flexible hours to ensure the needs of people served are being met, and demonstrate a willingness to work when needed in other staffing locations.
  • Management reserves the right to transfer at any time as well as mandate extended shifts as necessary due to the health and safety of the vulnerable people who cannot be left alone. Management must be contacted immediately if a replacement staff does not show for shift.
  • Maintain open positive communication with the people, management, and coworkers. Use your voice! Follow the chain of command and contact Human Resources Dept. any time you feel you are not being heard.
  • Maintain confidentiality including following all HIPAA requirements- each person has the right to confidentiality. Contact Corporate Compliance any time you feel HIPAA or Compliance is not being followed.
  • Participation in Quality Assurance, Staff Council and subsequent workgroups as needed
  • Be on time for scheduled shifts; remaining awake, alert and productive while on shift. No leaving shift early or late without prior Management approval.  Management must be contacted if a replacement staff does not show.
  • Promote dignity and respect when interacting and deal appropriately and positively with all people, their parents, family and friends, as well as, guardians, professionals and management. 
  • Assist in identifying the needs of the people supported and help advocate with them.
  • Ensure correct, accurate record keeping and documentation for all required paperwork including time keeping. Immediately report any suspected falsification or inaccuracies to Corporate Compliance Officer.
  • This position will be knowledgeable about and actively support 1) culturally competent, recovery based practices, 2) Person Centered Planning, with the person’s choices being the priority, insuring they are defining their own life goals and are assisted in developing a unique path toward those goals and 3) a trauma informed culture to aid people in their recovery process. Lived experiences with behavioral health issues is helpful in this position. Empathy is necessary.
  • Follow the Emergency Procedures appropriately; ensuring safety of people supported.
  • Have legible penmanship and good spelling skills.
  • Ensure all Job responsibilities are completed timely and efficiently. Additional duties may be assigned at any time meeting the needs of the program on your scheduled shift.

Minimum Qualification and Experience

  • 18 years of age, and the ability to meet the job essentials.
  • Proficient in all essential functions of a Professional Care Technicians.
  • Specialized training, skills, and abilities must be successfully completed and demonstrated prior to working alone with people supported: Lived experiences with behavioral health issues are desired.

Physical Requirements and Working Conditions.

  • Able to meet the job essentials of the Professional Care Technician with or without approved accommodations at all times during employment.
  • Able to work in the environment assigned and with all people.
  • Successfully complete CPR and First Aid classes and other initial and on going required training.

Professional Care Tech

Berrien Center, MI 49102
Full Time, Part Time

Published on 10/20/2021

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