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* RN (Registered Nurse)

P.I.E. Management L.L.C.’s healthcare division is seeking RN (Registered Nurses) for a correctional facility in: Alger, MI.

Job Description:

  • Coordinates and/or administers medication, therapeutic agents, treatments, to inmate patients.
  • Collaborates with primary and healthcare providers to ensure continuity, timeliness and appropriateness of care.
  • Assists physicians with medical treatments.
  • Administers prescribed medication.
  • Applies surgical dressings & bandages.
  • Provides emergency first aid care.
  • Checks & records vital signs.
  • Obtains specimens from inmate patients for diagnostic testing
  • Reports reactions to treatments and medications, as well as changes in the inmates’ emotional or physical condition.
  • Provides patient education and/or discharge planning.
  • Records all care information concisely, accurately and completely, in a timely manner, in the appropriate format and on the appropriate forms.
  • Promotes a therapeutic environment to ensure patients are treated in a professional, ethical and tactful manner.


Bachelor's Degree

State of Michigan - Nursing License

Pay: $38.45 per hour

* RN (Registered Nurse)

Carson City, MI 48811
Full Time, Temporary

Published on 12/01/2021

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