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JOB TITLE: Visual Observation Staff DEPARTMENT: Acute Care REPORTS TO: ACU Director JOB SUMMARY Visually observe a patient who has been determined to have a psychosocial/physical safety or mental health status care need for constant observation. Alert nursing staff to any change in status or behavior that would indicate a need for a nursing assessment or intervention. Documents observations on flow sheet at regularly determined intervals. Assists with simple patient care needs. COMPENSATION This position is set at a flat hourly wage, but it is eligible for shift differential. It is not eligible for raises. The position is classified as casual relief status in regard to: Benefit package not offered Not assured a regular schedule or amount of hours Rate of pay constant, no regular yearly increase May declare unavailable day to not be scheduled May be asked to work any shift at any time JOB REQUIREMENTS High school graduate or equivalent preferred EXPERIENCE Medical background or training preferred. SKILLS Ability to remain calm in a stressful situation. Be alert and able to observe for long periods of time without being distracted. Possess excellent communication and listening skills. Must successfully complete required education for Visual Observation Staff to include behavior managements, listening, and interventions, prior to functioning as VOS. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Sits or stands while visually observing 1-2 patients for constant periods of time until relieved by assigned staff member. Interacts with patients in a calm and compassionate fashion. May be assigned patients in any area of the hospital and may be moved at any time throughout the shift. Reports any physical or behavioral changes promptly to staff nurse responsible for the care of the patient. Interacts verbally and/or listens to patients in a compassionate and respectful manner. Charts observations on a flow sheet. Alerts nursing staff to patient requests, and to noted patient needs. Is aware of individual patient capabilities for self-harm, harm to others, or escape risks and interacts to keep patient safe by appropriate measures. Ensures that environment is safe, and that no dangerous items are brought in by visitors/staff. Adheres to MD orders regarding restrictions to visitors and items patient is allowed to have in the room. If ordered, ensures that visitors leave all their personal items, including outerwear, outside of the room. In the event of an emergency, push the staff assist at the head of the patients bed or pull the cord located in the patients bathroom. Maintains patient confidentiality at all times. Is aware of HIPPA requirements and patient privacy needs for hygiene, and steps out of room to allow nursing staff to perform cares (as appropriate). Keeps age specific differences in mind when observing or interacting with patients. Before leaving, ensures that next shift arrives, and provides a brief report of patient needs and concerns. Attends in-services, VOS staff meetings and other hospital meetings. Maintains positive relationships with co-workers, other departments, MDs, etc. Performs other duties as assigned, including: Replace nasal cannula or simple face mask. Oxygen flow should not be adjusted by VOS staff. Set up meal trays, and assist patient in obtaining food. VOS are not to directly feed patient. Use basic bed controls, i. e. elevate HOB, and set bed alarm. Know restrictions for patient. Keep environment safe, clean and tidy. Take steps to protect IV placement. May ambulate per physician orders and guidance from assigned nurse or CNA. High fall risk patients may not be ambulated without the presence of a CNA or nurse. Set patient up with supplies for basic hygiene such as washing face or brushing teeth. May be assigned to all other areas within the organization as needed including Acute Care, Critical Care, Long Term Care, Emergency Department and Hospice. Employee will clock into the department in which they are assigned for the VOS duties.


cody regional health
Cody, WY 82414
Full Time

Published on 01/15/2022

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