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33 Useful Web Sites to Find Hospital Administration Internships: Hospitable health news you can use September 14, 2011
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Classroom learning can be of great benefit, but nothing can compare to putting theory into practice. As a result, one of the best things you can do for your career, especially if you are looking for a job in hospital administration, is to find an internship. An internship provides you with the kind of real-world experience that can help you get a good job later. Not only can you learn by doing, but you can also forge useful connections through your internship.

Your hospital administration internship can lead to a better first job — and perhaps a better salary. If you are looking for an internship in hospital administration, here are 33 web sites that can be useful in your search:

General Health Care Internship and Career Web Sites

You can find a number of opportunities in hospital administration and other health care career paths by looking on web sites designed with health care in mind. In some cases, you can find hospital administration internships on regular career sites.

  1. Health Jobs Start Here: Find a number of opportunities with this site. Learn about jobs and find training, as well as look for internship openings.
  2. ACHE Directory of Fellowship Listings: The American College of Healthcare Executives offers this helpful list of fellowship opportunities and internships openings.
  3. Health Career Connection: If you are looking for a good start to your career, you can make connections through this site. Includes plenty of internship opportunities.
  4. KaiserEDU: Look for internships and fellowships in health care, including those related to hospital administration. A great resource for all things health care.
  5. Absolutely Health Care: Use this site to look for jobs, internships and more. Includes information and tips for improving your career.
  6. Jobs In Health Care: Search a number of opportunities in various health care fields. Find an internship or an entry level position that can help you gain experience and make connections.
  7. Med Hunting: Look for a good internship with the help of this site, specializing in helping you find opportunities in the medical field.
  8. Advance for Healthcare Careers: Search different jobs and look for internship opportunities. A great way to get started in health care, and make good connections.
  9. Hire Health: A number of different entry level positions and internship openings. Look for what works for you, and find a good job down the road.
  10. MedZilla: You can find any number of job openings and internship opportunities.
  11. Health Career Web: Plenty of internship opportunities for those who are looking for information about health care jobs and entry level openings.

Specific Hospital Administration and Health Care Internship Programs

Many hospitals and health care centers offer internship programs. Looking for specific program can help you pinpoint a situation that might better meet your needs.

  1. St. Cloud Hospital: You can apply for an internship at St. Cloud hospital in Minnesota. There are a number of openings in a number of specialities and career areas.
  2. Cleveland Clinic: This prestigious clinic offers a number of internships, including those especially aimed at administration. Great opportunities for someone looking to jumpstart a career.
  3. Mass General: The administrative fellowship program provides you the chance to get some real world training in the world of health care. A great opportunity.
  4. Northwestern Memorial Hospital: You can learn a lot from the graduate administrative program from this hospital. Use this opportunity to learn more about health care.
  5. Hartford Hospital: Find a number of opportunities to intern and shadow at this hospital.
  6. New York Hospital Staffing: You can use this web site to find a number of opportunities related to internships and other opportunities in health care. You can find opportunities at different hospitals at this site.
  7. Craig Hospital: This hospital specializes in spinal cord and brain injury patients. An interesting opportunity to find internships in a specialty hospital.
  8. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital: You can find information about different internship opportunities related to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. A great chance to participate in administration at a research hospital — and a children’s hospital.
  9. Yale-New Haven Hospital: Another great, prestigious hospital program that can provide you with a great internship experience, including an experience in hospital administration.
  10. Johns Hopkins Medicine:  Take advantage of the opportunity to get involved in a summer internship program with this prestigious health care institution.
  11. Metropolitan State Hospital: Internship programs available from the state of California in the mental health system.

General Internship Web Sites

In some cases, you can find hospital administration internships on regular internship web sites. Search for internships on a more general web site, and you might have more opportunities to choose from.

  1. InternSearch: Find the right internship for you. Use this site to search a number of national internships, including those in hospital administration and other areas of health care.
  2. AfterCollege: Plenty of internship opportunities. This site is meant to help you find what you are looking for as a student, and get the experience you need to move on to an even better job.
  3. A look at internships and offers for a variety of fields and careers, including hospital administrator internships. A great opportunity for you to find a helpful experience.
  4. Internship Programs: Look for internship programs by employer, including health care systems and hospitals. A good way to find out who offers health care administration internships.
  5. Find entry level positions and internships. You can also look for opportunities in the health care fields.
  6. Dream Careers: You can find internships for college students and high school students. Look for full programs, or summer programs, including those in health care administration, and other health care opportunities.
  7. Find internships, fellowships and other opportunities with the help of this well known search web site.
  8. CareerBuilder: Look for internship jobs in different fields, including health care fields. Great opportunities for those who know what they are looking for.
  9. InternWeb: Make connections, find an internship, and jumpstart your career.
  10. College Grad: Use this site to find internship opportunities. You can also get some other great career advice to help you on your way.
  11. Intern Inc.: Make connections and find a health care administrator internship at a participating hospital.
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